Autism Consulting Online are running a number of courses for people working or living with children with Autism, and have provided a free webinar with “important information for ASD parents on how to use the stay-at-home time to ensure uninterrupted progress for ASD children.”

“As a response to the increased anxiety, behavioural and sensory needs of children staying at home, the online courses provide training to parents and professionals in effective techniques to ensure uninterrupted progress. A few places are left for the upcoming Autism Online Services: Webinars, Courses, Therapies and Consultations.

To book your webinar or e-course, click here.

To book your initial free e-visit, click here.

To book your e-therapy or e-consultation, click here.

Book four e – therapies or e – consultations and get a discount €15 per hour.”

To view the free webinar, click here:

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