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All Dates are inclusive

Please note that this calendar is subject to change.

We will notify you of any changes at the earliest convenience.

First Term – August to Christmas – 28th August to 22nd December

Second Term – Christmas to Easter – 8th January to 22nd March

Third Term – Easter to Summer – 8th April to 31st May

October Mid-Term Break – 30th October to 3rd November

Christmas Holidays — 25th December to 5th January

February Mid-Term Break – 12th February to 16th February

Easter Holidays — 25th March to 5th April

The first three days of the Spring Mid Term and of the Easter Holidays may be used to compensate for any significant loss of school time e.g. due to weather conditions. Please be aware of this possibility when making holiday arrangements.

School Opening Dates

Monday August 28th   1st Year
Induction Programme – Half day
Tuesday August 29th   1st Years only
Wednesday August 30th   6th Year, LCA 2 and 3rd Year
Thursday August31st   5th Year, LCA 1 and 2nd Year and TY (Transition Year)

Term 1

Monday 11th September – Wednesday 13th September – TY trip to Carlingford
Monday 25th September – 1st Year Parent/Guardian Information Evening
Friday 29th September – School Closure
Thursday 19th October – 3rd Year PTM
Tuesday 24th October – Open Day & Night
Thursday 30th November – School Closure
Friday 1st December – School Closure
Tuesday 5th December – 6th Year PTM

Term 2

Monday 15th January – 1st Year PTM
Tuesday 30th January – 5th Year PTM
Thursday 1st February – 3rd & 6th Year Mock Exams begin (until mid-term break)
Monday 5th February – Bank Holiday
Tuesday 6th February – Friday 9th February – TY Work Experience Week 1
Thursday 7th March – 2nd Year PTM
Monday 18th March – St Patrick’s Day Holiday – School Closure

Term 3

Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April – TY Work Experience Week 2
Friday 19th April – School Closure
Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday
Friday 31st May – School Closes for Summer
Wednesday 5th June – State Exams begin