Transition Year is an optional year offered to students between Third Year and Fifth Year. Coláiste Cholmcille offers one of the most comprehensive and well-organised TY programmes in the country.

TY Option Presentation 2022

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Students follow a timetable consisting of the core subjects of Irish, English and Maths, as well as a range of new subjects, which may include:

Subjects in TY
  • Digital Media Literacy
  • The World of Science
  • Personal Development
  • Metalcraft & Production
  • Theatre & Stage
  • Enterprise Education
  • Computer Studies
  • French/German
  • Career Guidance
  • Music Appreciation
  • Religious Education
  • Leadership Skills
  • European Studies
  • Leisure & Recreation


New Experiences

In addition to new and traditional subjects, students in TY are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of other projects, workshops and excursions, which enables them to explore their interests and experience new things. One of the greatest advantages of TY is that students learn to become more responsible for their own learning, which becomes invaluable in Leaving Cert, and beyond.

The list of activities and trips in TY can change from year to year, but many other projects or experiences can be added to it by the students themselves.

TY Trips, Workshops & Activities
  • The Law Course
  • Delphi Adventure Centre Bonding Weekend
  • The TY European Tour
  • GAA Future Leaders
  • PE Expo
  • Junk Kouture
  • Film Competitions
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Ice Skating
  • AIB Build A Bank
  • Carnival
  • Choreography
  • Writing Workshops
  • Drama Competitions
  • Care in the Community
  • Psycho Spaghetti
  • RSA Road Safety
  • Gáisce
  • The TY Cycle
  • Work Experience



Transition Year students are required to maintain a portfolio throughout the year, in which they record and reflect on their learning and experiences. At the end of the year, the students will be interviewed, and their portfolio will be graded.

A Sample of TY

Here’s an example of an online TY portfolio created by Ella Ruddy (TY 2017-18), which will give you an idea of Transition Year at Coláiste Cholmcille: Ella Ruddy’s TY Portfolio/